Thursday, April 21, 2011

Challenge #18

Egg Challenge
Challenge #18!  The weeks and the challenges are flying by.  I wasn't sure I was going to get to this challenge before the deadline because I have so many projects going on this week.  But I managed to take a break and I attempted to crack the egg!!!
Wow! I never thought about it before, but eggs are really hard to draw!  Of course I had to go to google and search for "draw an egg" and this is what I found; a really nice "How to" on YouTube - "Egg Drawing".  Funny thing is - my finished ZIA doesn't look like the egg in the video - but it was very interesting to watch.  I can spend hours watching artists at work. How about you?

Here's to the egg!

I love making inchies.  I hope to try making inchies of my favorite tangles.  Recently I've been working on some inchies for a swap on Zentangle Inspired Art - Yahoo Group.  Take a look!  The theme for these inchies was "stars".


  1. love your eggs. love your stars. i'm so inspired! :D

  2. Love the tile AND the inchies - darn, I really need to make the time to check out the ZIA group....

  3. What busy eggs - Nice!
    And the inchies are neat! - They would make great jewelry components - must look into it :-)

  4. Very fun eggs, great use of the negative space and wonderful textures. Your inchies are lovely!

  5. Oh yes, I love the way you created your egg tile and the inches!

  6. Beautiful work, both the eggs and the inchies!

  7. I haven't tried inchies yet. Only heard about them a month or two ago. It just seems like WAY TOO SMALL a space! Maybe after I finish my big project I'll have a hankerin' fer something really tiny.

  8. Great eggs! And fantastic inchies too – I did them a year ago (or more?). There must be some cardstock-inchies left in one of my drawers…
    Cool idea to tangle on them ;-) .