Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nelumba Tangle

I've been playing around with this pattern for a few months in my sketch book.  I got the idea from a piece of barn door hardware.  If you can imagine the first row of the tangle below with holes in it for screws - that's the shape of the barn door hardware that I am referring to.  As the pattern grew I realized it reminded me of the dried lotus pods used in flower arrangements more so than the barn door hardware. 

I searched on google to see if anyone had developed a lotus pod type of tangle, and guess what?  There is one which was created by the fantastic Margaret "Enthusiastic Artist", which she calls "lotus pods" - please do take a look at her wonderful version of lotus pods!

I call this version Nelumba (Nelumbo is a genus of aquatic plants commonly known as lotus....Wikipedia) - of course you could always draw the center holes smaller and think of barn door hardware instead!

Zentangle Inspired Art - using Nelumba

Well aquatic plants made me think of water fowl which made me think of ducks - they've been walking around the neighborhood this afternoon - so I added a couple of duck feet and a head to this zentangle!  He's cute!  Nelumba and the duck!


  1. nelumba is very elegant! thanks so much for sharing!

    i love love love the duck. he's darling! :)

  2. I like Nelumba! I might try it with one of my 'lotus pods' in each circle... hmmm.

  3. Fun! This is a great tangle, kiddo!

  4. Oooooo, a fun new tangle to play with, YIPPEE!

  5. Fits beautifully with our love of curves!

  6. Fun, fun, fun! I love this one, Patty!

  7. Love your pattern will have a little play later! Your tangled duck is fab he looks very cheeky XOXO Zoe