Saturday, January 14, 2012

Diva Challenge


One thing I must say about "undine" is that it's "undone"!  The new tangle by Laura Harms - "undine" - I'm loving it!

The last several months of 2011 I rarely finished my Diva Challenge during the week that it was posted.  I'm hoping to complete this challenge weekly because it's such great practice, and such a great way to reach out and spend time in cyber space with other Zentangle enthusiasts!

So, here it is Undone - I'll post the completed tile down the road!  I thought it's better to post a partial than nothing at all.  Still undecided if I want to take the blank ink to the edges and then tangle with white. 

I welcome your thoughts about ways to complete this one!

Have a great Sunday!!!!


  1. Love this. Your "Undine" is great, the border is fabulous!

  2. Whoah! This is so striking just as it is! Your idea of extending the black out to the edges and tangling on top might look fantastic, too, so I can see why you are torn. Perhaps you could make a companion piece to audition the idea? Great work!
    P.S. What kind of pen are you using to get your good, rich, solid black areas?

  3. I used a calligraphy pen and Liquitex ink - carbon black to fill in the large areas. The rest of the zentangle is my micron pigma.

    Thanks Amy!!!!

  4. What a wonderful tile. I think it looks great as is, but could see it looking fabulous also with the black extended to the edges. If you decide do that, please post it so we can see the results.