Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tangled Up in Steampunk Postcards!

I had been avoiding steampunk; just didn't get it or wasn't inspired by it. Then one day, I saw some tangles on Flickr posted by Molossus (Sandra Strait) and I thought wow! those are cool! If you haven't visited her blog, "Life Imitates Doodles" - you really should!   So I jumped in and began to explore! I was obsessed with steamy punk tangling for most of March! LOL!

A couple of these ended up in a trade for some AWESOME steampunk postcards from Sany P and Kristy S. How lucky am I?!?!!!

Here are my attempts - a few of my own tangle designs, some inspired by Sandra Strait and of course other tangles in there too!!!

Huge thanks to my hubby, Frits for taking the fantastic photos!


  1. Love these very inspiring.Just might have to give this idea a try. g.a.s.

  2. They are all fantastic!! I love all the little do-dads and things you added to the designs.

  3. OMG! I am totally green with envy, sigh. These are just absolutely beautiful, beautiful, I say. With all due respect, I've just copied some of the designs...remember, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Much more so then lip service. Please do more and post them, please? Joyce

  4. Great postcards - how did you color them?

  5. very beautiful, I too am not "so turned on" by steam punk yet. But I am also willing to continue to explore the possibilities. Thank you you for this nugget of willingness to explore; it inspires me to keep trying! Blessings.

  6. Patty,
    Looks like an swesome job on these!!! Love what you came up with.

  7. WOW! you really have the color component down! I have not even
    begun working on regular shading. Your's are an inspiration I will
    dial back to while experimenting with color and shading. Still in the black and white stage, with a touch of color for accents. I'm a retired graphic artist whose main emphasis is pen and ink. I love