Tangle Companion A - Z for holiday gifts!

I began making 4" x 6" cards with strings and inspirational quotes as a warm up for students in my advanced Zentangle classes (Tangle Cafe).

I enjoyed making these so much that I expanded the size to a half sheet of paper, 5.5" x  8.5" in size. Then I decided to make a string and a quote or phrase for each letter of the alphabet.

A little more than a year later and it's finished!!! Mostly! This is self-published and self-assembled, not meant to be published. Just to use in my Zentangle classes and of course to give in my holiday gift giving.

I am assembling 12 copies right now, taking a break to post this. What was I thinking! No, I'm enjoying this, really but punching holes and binding is not as much fun as creating the pages.

Anyway, over the next few days/weeks - I thought I'd post some of the pages. In the land of a vast and growing amount of Zentangle related products, these are quite humble.

They were a labor of gratitude and appreciation for being part of the Zentangle experience! An area of focus for me in my Zentangle practice has always been on using Zentangle to enhance one's self-appreciation.

Cover of Tangle Companion
Page 1; 5.5" x  8.5" 
Page 2; 5.5" x  8.5"

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