Zentangle for ZineFest

New 11"x17" Zine, called The Zine of Zentangle.
This zine reflects my personal journey finding Zentangle with brief directions to create a tangled piece of art. This Zine comes with a pen and Zentangle pencil and space to tangle.

Zine of Zentangle (front cover)

more pics after the Zine Fests

I will be exhibiting and selling this and other Zines and art at 3 Zine Fests this summer!

July 13 from 12-4 pm 
at The Ice House in Bethlehem 

July 20 from 11-5
at Art Enables, DC

July 28 from 11-5
at the Revolution Mill


Some digital play with Old and New ZIAs

Prestwood ATC, scanned and a Zendala scanned. Some digital cut, paste, collage and a Rumi Quote.

This will be part of an 11" x 17" Zine.

And Another Digital Piece.


The Third Day of Zentangle - Rumpus

Great blog post by Rick, Maria  and Zentangle HQ.

I really like this tangle.

I had a little space at the top so our new puppy is peeking out of this Zendala!

Hop on over to blog Zentangle and give this one a try!

Rumpus and Zeuhl!

We haven't selected his name yet - top 3 choices are: Zylo, Ezra, or Zeuhl.


Weekly Zentangle Challenge #342

It's been awhile since I've posted!

Duotangle Challenge: Bunzo and Paradox, from the weekly challenge on "I am the Diva".

Before Shading - Fountain Pen and Kiowa Pecan Ink on Zentangle Tile


Tangle Companion A - Z for holiday gifts!

I began making 4" x 6" cards with strings and inspirational quotes as a warm up for students in my advanced Zentangle classes (Tangle Cafe).

I enjoyed making these so much that I expanded the size to a half sheet of paper, 5.5" x  8.5" in size. Then I decided to make a string and a quote or phrase for each letter of the alphabet.

A little more than a year later and it's finished!!! Mostly! This is self-published and self-assembled, not meant to be published. Just to use in my Zentangle classes and of course to give in my holiday gift giving.

I am assembling 12 copies right now, taking a break to post this. What was I thinking! No, I'm enjoying this, really but punching holes and binding is not as much fun as creating the pages.

Anyway, over the next few days/weeks - I thought I'd post some of the pages. In the land of a vast and growing amount of Zentangle related products, these are quite humble.

They were a labor of gratitude and appreciation for being part of the Zentangle experience! An area of focus for me in my Zentangle practice has always been on using Zentangle to enhance one's self-appreciation.

Cover of Tangle Companion
Page 1; 5.5" x  8.5" 
Page 2; 5.5" x  8.5"

What happens when you combine tangles, a zip lock baggie, and markers?

Ta da!

'Nzeppel and Crescent Moon
Tombow Markers and zip lock bag technique for color background. ATCs for Zen Garden Swap.

Gel pens added on top to add sparkle! ATCs for Zen Garden Swap.

Poke Leaf, Tipple, Mooka; ATC for Zen Garden Swap.

Follow steps 1 - 4 to create a bright background to tangle using a zip lock baggie with Tombow markers. Other water based markers will work too! 


Tangled on Fabric.....

Last night was my first chance to tangle on fabric. What fun!

We tangled on Zentangle "Go Tangle" Wallets at The Queen's Ink.

This is a picture of my finished wallet. I love it. My personal challenge now is that I would like to make a clutch purse to tangle on.

Has anyone made or tangled on small clutch purses of any type?

Tangles: Bales, Bunzo, N'zeppel, and Splice.

The Queen's Ink is owned and operated by Patti Euler, CZT - 3. She is amazing! I found it so relaxing and enjoyable taking a class from a fellow CZT. There is always something more that can be learned.

Besides offering an incredible variety of Zentangle and Zentangle Inspired Art classes, Patti offers other classes as well. I challenge you to find such a warm and welcoming shop with artfully informed and talented staff. 

Patti also brings in wonderful artists such as Seth Apter, Dina Wakely, Joanne Sharpe, Pam Carricker and many more! We are so fortunate to have Patti and The Queen's Ink in our area.

If you are ever in Central Maryland check out her shop. Even if you are not, take a look at the line up of classes that are offered. We really, really, need to keep supporting small business owners like Patti who are indeed "Royal" treasures!

Hugs to you Patti Euler!


A Fresh Look

Recent Tangled Art


Paint Blob or Ink Blown Strings to Get Tangled Up With

Try this: create a string using watercolor or ink. Then tangle away!
One of the swaps in the ZIA Yahoo Group for July begins in this manner, by creating a string using a nice juicy blob of paint or a delicious drop of ink.
Next a straw is used to blow the liquid to spread a string around on your tile.
Once the paint or ink has dried, begin to add tangles.

Remember making these blown art paintings as a kid? Fun, fun fun!

Green Watercolor on Tan tile (3.5"x 3.5")

After moving the paint by blowing through a straw.

I decided I wanted to try another one on the tan tile using pink.

A little gentle tapping gets any puddles of paint to move along on the paper.

Samples that I completed a little bit ago.

This was done in a journal and is larger than 3.5" x 3.5"
Do I see T-Rex in there?

Have fun with this. I hope you decide to join the swap at the Zentangle Inspired Art Group on Yahoo.


In the Style of Cubism - Swap

I joined an ATC swap on the Zentangle Inspired Art Site - which challenged participants to use tangles in the style of cubist art. Since I love cubist art I had to go for this one.

There is a wonderful video on Youtube that demonstrates an easy approach to cubism. I love it! Easy for all of us, right?

Take a Look at "Grade School Cubist Lesson"

I tried various shapes; leaves, a bird, and pears. Then I followed the steps in the video pretty much except for inserted tangles into the art work.

For color I experimented with Prismacolor, Tombow, and Copic markers. I shaded some of the pieces done with Prismacolor and Copics with pencil. Tombow markers were used on the pears and the second bird attempt. An aquabrush was used to blend the  Tombows and achieve some shading. If you haven't tried Tombows I can highly recommend it!

Here are samples of how I played. Off to get my swaps in the mail!

Prismacolor Art Markers, Micron Pigma, Pencil

Micron Pigma, Tombow Markers

Prismacolor Markers, Micron Pigma, Pencil

Prismacolor Markers, Micron Pigma, Pencil

Micron Pigma, Tombow Markers

Micron Pigma, Tombow Markers

The fish is more ITSO Picasso