A Zine for Tangle Cafe

I meet with a small group of friends to tangle and make Zentangle Inspired Art. Before Covid, we met monthly at a local Cafe.

This zine with quotes on patterned backgrounds was used by our group to practice/learn new tangles. I designed the zine in Photoshop and had them printed on 11" x 17" paper. It is a one sheet fold zine. 

We used the following tangles: Gommi, C-Wing, Gottago and Palrevo

But you can tangle anything you would like.

Download an 8.5" x 11" copy HERE


More Upcycled Pieces on Black Zendala Tiles

 I must admit a black tile is not what I reach for typically. I've not enjoyed the drawing process anywhere near as much as I do on white or other neutral colors.

There were a number of pieces on black paper dumped into the "Work in Progress" box because I didn't like where they were and/or didn't know where they were going.

My intent with upcling these was not to make fabulous art, just take these somewhere else and to enjoy the process.

For instance this zendala became a "scrapdala" a testing area for different pens and colors. So I continued the process adding more shapes and colors.

This zendala was a testing area for using a gold gel pen. That worked. Then I tried adding colored pencil. I do like colored pencil on the black paper!

A testing ground for white gel pen and graphite for shading.

Another "scrapdala", colored pencil, gel pens

Gesso over whatever was there, rubber stamp "Grow", Pens, Identipen


There are No Mistakes Because We Can Upcycle Everything

 I have a box of tiles and other shapes of paper which I started and never finished.

Or I finished but never wanted to look at the piece again. In it goes into the "Work in Progress" box.

Here are some pieces I played with by adding colored pencil, or gel pen, or painting over the top etc.

Zedbra, Diva Dance, Jonqal, Tipple, Acrylic Glaze, Gel Pen

Tamisolo, Noodlers' Kiowa Pecan, Inktense Pencil,

I don't know what happened here!!!


A Tiling of a Tile or Tessellation of a Tangled Tile.

 Try to say that 5 times fast!

I tangled my tile then tiled my tile to make tessellations of my tile! Phew!

 I played with this tangled piece in Photoshop.

Tangles: Crescent Moon, Paradox, Tektonik, Shard, Sand Swirl

The result was some rather striking results of tiled patterns that had been digitally manipulated in Photoshop. All of the tessellations were made from the scanned image of the piece above.

Which is your favorite?